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CJ Selecta is present in the market offering products derived from soybeans, manufactured under strict quality standards.

With a focus on the production of high added value vegetable proteins, through innovative projects CJ Selecta is recognized as one of the main manufacturers of ingredients for the animal feed industry in Brazil and abroad. There are also products derived from soy for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


Plant Nutrition

Nutritional solution for each stage of your crop, optimizing the productivity of your crop. Ready for the future of agribusiness!

Plant Nutriton appeared 5 years ago, through a thorough study on plant nutrition. We have developed a homogeneous and stable organic base, rich in organic carbon, noble sugars, organic acids and amino acids. This was the beginning of the development of our portfolio, which today has more than 50 products.

Exclusive CJ Selecta patent, with a process that does not have the use of reactors, thus being a GREEN patent!




We have the solution and the ideal resource for your need!

The agricultural market has a demand with different types of resources throughout the year. We are a business facilitator and we always seek to offer practical and viable solutions for those in this environment.

We have a line of special fertilizers and conventional soybean seeds, which allows the producer to negotiate safely and aiming at a “win-win” relationship for everyone involved.



We produce and supply high quality conventional and transgenic soybean seeds, certified and combined with specialized services, helping producers to achieve maximum productivity and safety in their crops.



In 2020 we inaugurated the ethanol plant!

We are very pleased to announce the start of operations of our hydrated alcohol production plant! The plant will have the capacity to produce 30,000 L / day of hydrated alcohol, part of which will be used as a solvent in the production process of SPC (soy protein concentrate), our main product, and the other part will be marketed to fuel distributors as vehicle oxidizing alcohol.

This reinforces CJ Selecta's commitment to innovation and sustainability, key words for our future!



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