CJ Selecta releases 2021 Sustainability Report

CJ Selecta has been dedicated to improve sustainable actions and demonstrating its commitment to a responsible stance on ESG issues in its business. We are pleased to release our 2021 Sustainability Report.

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We are a company committed to the sustainable development of our business and our entire chain. Our products are produced with the highest technology, with certifications that guarantee safety and high productivity without harming the environment!

We work with the highest standards of quality and traceability, always seeking to strengthen the relationship with producers, customers and suppliers through actions that reduce our possible negative impacts and enhance our positive impacts.


CJ Selecta understands that sustainable development is the only way to conduct its business and works to create positive impacts on the environment and society. As a company directly linked to the soy chain, CJ Selecta recognizes its important role in transforming the market to ensure a low-carbon economy, preservation of natural resources, respect for human rights and indigenous peoples.

CJ Selecta aims to continuously reduce negative social and environmental impacts and create positive impacts throughout the value chain. In addition to legal compliance, CJ Selecta is committed to addressing 2 key challenges vital to a sustainable soy value chain: deforestation and climate change.

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Social responsability

CJ Selecta gives priority to local labor. In 2020, about 70% of hires were local. We prioritize the hiring of professionals from the region where we operate.

We offer support to relocate people through the Araguari Human Relations Center. People were relocated to more than 30 companies in the region.

We meet the needs of the community, promoting an active awareness and solidarity campaign.

Guarantee of operations during Pandemic COVID-19: operations continued active, ensuring the offer of products for the food and feed industries. We also guarantee the safety and health of employees.


CJ Selecta, together with Araguari's Town Hall and Ascamara, will do the selective collection of waste on the properties of rural producers partners, providing support for the producer to return the fertilizer packages correctly, in addition to other recyclables.


100% Renewable energy source

CJ Selecta uses renewable energy sources in its boilers, and also produces clean electricity on site.

Certified Soy

All Non-GMO products produced by CJ Selecta have soy certification, granted by the ProTerra Foundation, recognized worldwide - a non-profit organization. CJ Selecta's efforts to generate appropriate conditions in the non-GMO soybean supply chain include regular audits of our soy suppliers to ensure that farmers are applying practices in line with program requirements. CJ Selecta is also a member of the RTRS - Roundtable on Responsible Soy, actively participating in the global agenda for sustainable soy production.


In addition to the Non-GMO certification, the ProTerra certification guarantees transparency, socio-environmental responsibility, traceability throughout the soy supply chain applicable to CJ Selecta's products.


ProTerra seal for Non-GMO (non-GM) products. Ratifies that CJ Selecta complies with European regulations for food and feed. The company has had this seal since 2016.

Ethical Principles

CJ Selecta is affiliated with Sedex Global, reinforcing the company's commitment to seeking improvements in responsible and ethical business practices in global supply chains, in accordance with the guidelines of the SMETA - Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit.

Desde 2015 realizamos a Auditoria de Comércio Ético dos Membros da Sedex (SMETA), que abrange todos os aspectos da prática comercial responsável, cobrindo quatro pilares: Trabalho, Saúde e Segurança, Meio Ambiente e Ética nos Negócios.



We understand that our role as one of the main soy processors in the country also involves the continuous discussion for improvements in the entire soy production chain. For this, we have an active participation in various associations and groups that promote the development of the market with a sustainable and environmentally responsible vision.


National Association of Cereal Exporters (ANEC)

As a member of ANEC, CJ Selecta shows its commitment to the non-commercialization program for soybeans originated in the Amazon Biome. The company has been working continuously to eliminate any type of origination in this biome. www.anec.com.br


Roundtable on Responsible Soy (RTRS)

We are active members of the RTRS Foundation, an organization that promotes the responsible production, processing and marketing of soy worldwide. Through it, we participate in global discussions on environmentally friendly, socially just and economically viable production. www.responsiblesoy.org


Brazilian Vegetable Oil Industries Association (Abiove)

It represents 13 companies that produce bran, vegetable oils and biodiesel, cooperates in the execution of sector policies, promotes sustainability programs and generates statistics used in sector studies. abiove.org.br

Dialogue for sustainability

In order to improve soy traceability, transparency in the value chain, as well as responsible soy processing and use in Brazil, since 2019 we have participated in the development of an initiative involving soy processing companies, environmental organizations, feed producers for aquaculture and the ProTerra Foundation. The project, now known as the “Dialogue for Soy Improvement in Aquaculture, seeks to develop and implement a code of conduct for the supplier, ensuring that soy farmers implement safe and respectful working conditions, responsible and ecological soy cultivation and conducting a study to more accurately identify the carbon footprint of soy protein concentrate.

Carbon footprint

With the worsening process climate change, it is important to understand what our impacts are related to the carbon emissions of our operations so that it is possible to develop projects with a focus on mitigating them. Thus, in 2019 we carried out a study to calculate the Carbon footprint of the Non-GMO Soy Protein Concentrate (Non-GMO SPC) product produced in Brazil and exported to Norway (used in the feeding of captive salmon).

The study considers only the emission of greenhouse gases expressed in KgCO2 equivalent and considered all phases of the “Cradle to Port”, that is, from the production and use of agricultural inputs for the production of soybeans to the delivery of the finished product in the Port of Bracke, Germany.

Divided into three phases - Agricultural Stage, Industrial Processing and Storage and Distribution -, the project considered all the soy produced in the states of Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso and Goiás, as well as the SPC produced in Araguari and transported to Europe between the months of March 2018 to March 2019 (year / harvest).

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What was considered at each stage


  • Productivity
  • Use of fertilizers (Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus, etc.)
  • Use of pesticides (fungicides, herbicides and insecticides) • Use of correctives (dolomitic limestone, limestone and plaster)
  • Use of fuels
  • Road logistics


  • SPC yield
  • Supplies entrance
  • Energy input


  • Railway section (Araguari - Porto de Santos)
  • Maritime Section (Port of Santos - Port of Bracke)

Geospatial management and monitoring of soy suppliers

CJ Selecta uses a satellite monitoring system for the soy production chain. Systematically consultations and constant analyzes are carried out around the socio-environmental irregularities of the properties and rural producers that supply CJ Selecta.

This ensures that suppliers are in agreement with cj selecta's supplier policy.

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