The factory

Located in an area of ​​more than 50 hectares in the city of Araguari (MG) and privileged for its logistics channels and the disposal of products, CJ Selecta's operational unit was built within the highest technology standards and undergoes constant modernizations to maintain high levels of quality, safety and operational efficiency.

In 2019, on the same site as the plant responsible for crushing and producing soy derivatives, a unit was built for processing soy molasses and transforming it into special fertilizers, opening up a new market for the company in the country. In 2020, a new plant for alcohol production was opened, also based on soy molasses.

Own Laboratory

Own laboratory with knowledge exchange with the group's holding company, in South Korea.

We have adopted an extensive internal quality program, with a team of employees from the Quality Assurance Department and certifications that ensure that products and services are within the standards required internationally.

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Industrial Unit

Highway MG - 029 Km 2,6

Araguari - MG - Brazil

CEP: 38.446-306

+55 (34) 2109-7300


Av. Rondon Pacheco, 4.600


CEP: 38.405-142

Ed. Uberlândia Business Tower – UBT

28º Floor  – Room 281

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