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Since 1984, CJ Selecta has pioneered the manufacture of soy products for different segments. Headquartered in Uberlândia (MG), an industrial unit in Araguari (MG), a commercial office in São Paulo (SP) and several branches throughout Brazil, the company is today one of the largest exporters of Soy Protein Concentrate (SPC, in the acronym in English soy protein concentrate), with sources of transgenic and non-transgenic soy.

With 38 years in the market, in 2017 the company underwent a major transformation after having its operational control acquired by the South Korean group CJ CheilJedang. Until then known as Sementes Selecta, the company changes its name to CJ Selecta, becoming part of one of the largest conglomerates in the world in food, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, entertainment, media, home shopping and logistics.

Today, the company is part of the CJ Bio Division, a global leader in bioscience based on the development of products that meet customer needs based on sustainable biotechnology. With focus on offering environmentally friendly solutions, for the past 50 years the company has been working on the development of cutting edge technologies for microorganisms, becoming a reference in the market for food amino acids and fermented nucleotides for food.







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Corporation Philosophy

Contribute to national economic development and people's lives through business.

Maximize the capacity of talented people and create an environment of respect.

To seek profit and prosperity through rational management and innovation.


Contribute to the global community by providing the best value with our OnlyOne products and services.


An unrivalled company in soy nutrients, with innovation, quality and sustainability.


OnlyOne: achieving leadership with fundamental competence being the first, best and different.

Talent: becoming a leader with exceptional talents and exceptional corporate culture.

Shared growth: to be respected by society for composing ecosystems and creating shared value.

Principles that guide the actions of the group members: Integrity, Passion, Respect and Creativity.


Our business vision

At CJ Selecta, we want to be a global reference in soy nutrients, with innovation, quality and sustainability:

  • Soy nutrients: not only in the area of ​​SPC (soy protein concentrate), based on soy, such as oil, lecithin, molasses, tocopherol and soy husk.
  • With innovation: in continuous evolution, with cost competitiveness in existing projects and new projects, such as the promotion of non-GM seeds, fertilizers and the ethanol plant. Innovation in sales and marketing, with the development of new customers, new applications and technical marketing.
  • With quality: in product and process control, with the implementation and improvements in SAP, adding Strategy, know-how and competence, always taking sustainability issues into account.
  • Cost structure: structural improvement, flexible to change the corporate environment.
  • Business model: contribution to society and the environment.
  • Human Resources: developing self-confidence and corporate culture.


With annual sales of US $ 30 billion and global assets of US $ 22.4 billion, the group was founded in 1953 and has become one of the sales leaders in the food sector, especially in the sugar, flour and oil segments. Today, the CJ group does business in the areas of Home Shopping & Logistics, Bio & Pharma, Entertainment & Media and Food & Food Services. In Brazil, the Korean company does business in the area of ​​soy trading, logistics and bioscience, with a factory in the interior of São Paulo.

President's word

CJ Selecta produces ingredients that are manufactured from the soy crushing process. These high quality ingredients are used in different industries, from human and animal food.

When processing soybeans, we first obtain Soy Oil, which is marketed with the main manufacturers of cooking oil, in addition to margarine and mayonnaise. Our oil is recognized as ‘’ Standard A ’’, by the main brands sold in the country, and we are present in its day-to-day, in various products and brands.

We also produce SPC, which is a Soy Protein Concentrate, used in several applications for the production of animal feed, such as fish, salmon mainly, pigs, pets, poultry and even cattle. Today, Selecta is the world's largest producer of this ingredient. Here is a highlight: this concentrate, today, is also the main ingredient of salmon ration in the world. So, if you eat a salmon here in Brazil, or even in other parts of the world, most likely it was fed by CJ Selecta's SPC.

I also want to highlight here, soy lecithin, which we produce and deliver to the biggest chocolate brands in Brazil and Europe.

In addition, we have a new area within CJ Selecta, which is the production of Organic Fertilizers, which are made from soy ingredients to serve Brazilian agriculture, bringing innovation, technology and sustainability to different cultures, such as soy, corn, coffee, cane, among many others in Brazil.

We have high quality products, produced with strict controls and that serve customers in Brazil and abroad, with a focus on ethics, innovation and sustainability.

And that is why I always say: I am proud to be part of this Cj Selecta team. Thank you!

Guilherme Tancredi

CEO CJ Selecta


Based on the CJ Group's Code of Ethics and Conduct, the guidelines were established for all the Company's suppliers. The principles set out in this Supplier Policy include an important component of supplier selection and evaluation.

In addition, we expect our suppliers to further apply these standards in the supply chain. When developing and selecting suppliers, service providers and partners, the company considers impartially objective, technical, professional and ethical criteria, as well as compliance with legal, labor and environmental requirements.

For this reason, we have created a Code of Ethics and Conduct for Suppliers, with the aim of strengthening our common understanding of how these principles should be put into practice in daily business, including advancing efforts to contribute to the health of people, animals and plants.

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