Integrity, passion, respect and creativity are not just words that describe the guiding principles of the CJ group!

These actions, together with commitment and responsibility, are part of the day-to-day operations. In the first two years of integration with the Korean parent company, we had the opportunity to mix two cultures that looked very different at first. But, after a careful PMI process9, they proved to be complementary, making the process very positive, taking advantage of what each one had the best.

Today, we are a total of 548 professionals (temporary and permanent) divided between the Araguari operations, the Goiânia and São Paulo offices and the branches spread throughout Brazil.

Since 2017, CJ Selecta has been undergoing a cultural transformation process, initiated after its acquisition by the South Korean group CJ CheilJedang. In it, ensuring the well-being of local and Korean teams has always been among the main concerns of managers and the Human Resources team.

The process of adapting and connecting this mixture between two cultures was successful. So much so that, in 2019, we applied CJ Selecta's first culture survey as a way to measure the depth of understanding and acceptance of the values ​​and management model to the new practices.

Our culture


We are pioneers in the manufacture of soy products for various segments.

We offer solutions that will create a sustainable future for our planet.

Here, our employees will be able to experience a different and successful culture.

We are committed to providing excellent benefits to our employees.

INNOVATION and new CHALLENGES are part of our history.

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Meet the Head of HR

Meet the employee


Human resources manager


Renata is a professional in the Human Resources area, with 16 years of comprehensive and diversified experience in Talent Management, Organizational Development, Change Management and Business Strategies.

Its know-how was acquired in the most diverse business models: large and medium-sized companies, national and multinational.

Renata graduated in Law from the Federal University of Uberlândia and directed her career to the Human Resources area because she is passionate about people and organizational culture.


Fertilizer Production Coordinator


“Why is it good to work at CJ Selecta?”

I have been part of this team for 12 years. Here, I put into practice the skills and knowledge that is built every day.

CJ gives us the opportunity for continuous improvement, always striving to do the best.

Working at CJ Selecta is not only good; it is much more than that, as we are recognized with each new idea that is put into practice. Valuing and respecting the professional is something that is taken very seriously.

At CJ Selecta I have always had the opportunity to demonstrate my knowledge, creativity, skills and, above all, the passion for working with what I like and am passionate about, which is the “Industrial Segment in Agrochemicals”.


Adilson Ribeiro Resende - Born in Araguari-MG, he started his career in the industrial sector in 1993.

Industrial chemist at technical level and biologist, he has a master's degree in veterinary science, in the area of ​​animal production, with research in the field of molecular microbiology - Salmonella.


Come and be part of the CJ Selecta team. We are a company that values ​​talented people and has an exceptional corporate culture.

We are constantly evolving and growing and we have many job opportunities.

Join us.

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