The Company


CJ Selecta

CJ Selecta is a company with over 35 years of experience in agribusiness, committed to manufacture products from soybeans for several segments.

Founded in 1984

CJ Selecta began its activities with the production of soybean seeds and other products for agriculture in Mid-west part of Brazil. Later on, it became a noticeable supplier of other inputs and important buyer of grains for export.

In 2009

The industrial soybean crushing plant started operating. It is located in Araguari – MG. It began a new stage focusing on the production of high value-added ingredients for animal feed and food industry.

In 2017

It was acquired by the South Korean group CJ CehilJedang, becoming part of one of the largest conglomerates in the world in food, pharmaceuticals,biotechnology, entertainment,  home shopping and logistics areas.


Through innovative projects, CJ Selecta is known as one of the main manufacturers of sustainable vegetable proteins for animal feed industry in Brazil and abroad.